Baby #Too

This is one of those shoots where the pictures speak 1000 words and I don’t need to add many of my own… But I can say this. Sometimes I just can’t believe this is my job. How does a girl get so lucky? This family is near and dear to me and their gratitude and…

They’re still kids

“They’re only little once.” I heard that a lot when Fiver was small, sometimes applied like a balm to a hard day of parenthood, sometimes as a push for a fun family trip or splurge. It’s a hard statement to argue with. Small is mostly what I get to know as a photographer: as the…


Who says you can’t shoot outside in the winter? Or that winter color is going to be drab? We didn’t plan the color scheme, I swear, this family just lit up the space with laughter, gratitude and action. The rest was just serendipity working its magic, no holiday lights necessary. 🌟

Time and Place

DC wasn’t a forever destination and they knew, so the cherry blossom nursery theme to celebrate baby girl’s arrival in time and place is both meaningful and bittersweet.  There isn’t much more I could say that the photos don’t say for themselves, just watch the language of their hands.