They’re still kids

“They’re only little once.” I heard that a lot when Fiver was small, sometimes applied like a balm to a hard day of parenthood, sometimes as a push for a fun family trip or splurge. It’s a hard statement to argue with. Small is mostly what I get to know as a photographer: as the…


Who says you can’t shoot outside in the winter? Or that winter color is going to be drab? We didn’t plan the color scheme, I swear, this family just lit up the space with laughter, gratitude and action. The rest was just serendipity working its magic, no holiday lights necessary. 🌟

Time and Place

DC wasn’t a forever destination and they knew, so the cherry blossom nursery theme to celebrate baby girl’s arrival in time and place is both meaningful and bittersweet.  There isn’t much more I could say that the photos don’t say for themselves, just watch the language of their hands.

Baby Maggie and the Gift of Family

Diwali has passed, Hanukkah is in full swing, Christmas is coming (fast)!  Festivals of light amidst the cold and the dark send the universal reminder to come home and gather. Most of the time I take photos of immediately families, parents and their children.  We make memories around fall or spring, around births, around babies…