This is Mel speaking on our behalf… In the tradition of the day, my grandparents had their wedding pictures made at a studio following the ceremony. A large format camera was used to craft photographs with exquisite detail and yet I don’t recognize the people I knew in their austere expressions. My grandparents laughed loudly, winked often and called to each other with a distinctly pitched, “yooOOO hoo” that members of my family still use to locate each other in a crowd.

I also have snapshots of my grandparents taken during a summer trip to the lake. While the focus is dodgy and the exposures are poor, there is evidence of the relationship I knew in these simple photos: in my grandfather’s mischievous smile, in my grandmother’s flirtatious gestures, in the way they look at each other through their laughter. These photographs genuinely reveal the affection that paved the road ahead: marriage, separation by war, children and eventually grandchildren including me.

I never connected my experience with these photographs to the goals of our business until I read a recommendation give to us by Patrick, one of our grooms:

“Sam and Mel did so much more than take pictures of our wedding. They captured the subtle, sometimes quirky mannerisms that made us fall in love with each other. Any photographer can snap poses of the bridal party but very few can capture the moments that remind us of who we are. We could not be happier that we chose Sam and Mel to be our photographers.”

So here’s what we are doing: combining technical know-how with a snapshot aesthetic so that years from now, when your grandkids find your wedding pictures, they will see more than younger versions of yourselves dressed in wedding finery. We hope they will recognize your relationship as it was in the beginning. We hope they will feel the emotions present that day not only between yourselves but among family and friends as well.

Here’s how we do it: by documenting the day as it happens in an artful and authentic way. Our strength is taking carefully composed candids that reveal beauty, humor and joy. We are seeking moments and details that make your wedding unique. We relish serendipity. Our goal is to remain unobtrusive so that your experience is not interrupted by our presence. The only thing we ask you to do is have the time of your life and be yourselves.

We’re not interested in recording what your wedding looked like so much as what it felt like.

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