Q: Do you travel outside Richmond to shoot weddings?

A: Absolutely, we are willing to travel anywhere in the world for your wedding. Tell us more about your destination plans and coverage needs and we will design a custom rate for you.

Q: Do you consider yourselves wedding photojournalists?

A: Yes, we do. Our approach is to capture the action as it unfolds rather than staging or posing photographs. While we also document wedding details, our focus is on the interactions between the two of you, your families and your guests.

Q; How do we know if wedding photojournalism is right for us and our families?

A: Just like the flowers or the dress, photography is a style choice so no singular style will fit everyone. Our approach suits couples who are interested in receiving a collection of spontaneous moments that artfully describe the event. If posed portraits are the most important shots to you or if you are very camera shy, photojournalism may not be your best choice. Ask us more, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Q: Tell us more about portraits… Do you take them?

A: Yes. Weddings are a great time to have family pictures made and its important to document your wedding party as well: it’s your unique crew of nearest and dearest. We can take posed photos before or after the ceremony depending on available light, your itinerary, and your feelings about tradition. If left up to us, group portraits will comprise of immediate family and your wedding party only and will take no more than 30 mintues. Additional groups and combinations are welcome so long as we are given extra time in the itinerary, a list of requested shots, and an “insider” who knows everyone and can help us organize groups according to your wishes. The key to a successful portrait session is communication: make sure everyone to be photographed knows where to be and when for photos.

When it comes to the wedding party, we aren’t going to force a bunch of goofy poses that make everyone uncomfortable and our goal is to get everyone to the cocktail hour as soon as possible.

We would like to spend an extra 15-20 additional minutes walking around and taking photos of just the two of you together if time allows. We are always game to go off site to get portraits with some local flavor.

Q: Do we have to take posed portraits?

A: Of course not, some couples choose to skip portrait sessions all together to maximize time spent with guests. We do request that you discuss this decision with your family since portraits can be a very important part of the day for your parents.

Q: Do you work digitally?

A: Yes, we love the creative flexibility that digital capture provides us and our clients. We have been shooting digital cameras exclusively since 2004. We still own several antique cameras and may be able to accommodate requests for specialized film techniques, just ask!

Q: What are the advantages of having two pro photographers?

A: There are several: two sets of eyes and cameras is only the obvious one… In addition, we can use two different lenses and/or positions to document a single action, providing different perspectives and resulting in more experimental and complete coverage. The fact that we are a guy/girl team gives us a major advantage before the ceremony since Mel can follow the bride while Sam follows the groom.

Q: If we hire you, what can we expect?

A: Highly personal service. Since there’s only us two, you’ll know everyone in the company from our very first consultation! We have found that the best pictures come from weddings where couples are comfortable with us personally and well as professionally. If you greet us as a friend the day of your wedding, everyone else will follow suit and there are no bounds to the images we can capture.

Q: How do purchase credits work?

A: Much like a gift certificate, purchase credit is redeemed for items in our catalog, allowing you to create your own “package” if you decide on a purchase credit rate. Purchase credit is good for up to one year from the date of your wedding.

Q: How long does it take to get our pictures?

A: You will see a slideshow with 60-100 images posted on our blog within a week from the wedding so you can view them together while still honeymooning if you choose to. Your website with the full edit will be available 3-5 weeks after the wedding. Our editing process includes basic retouch and optimization as well as black and white conversions so that even your proofs will have our signature look. Turn around times can vary seasonally.

Q: So what advice do you, as a photographer, give to friends and family who are seeking a wedding photographer?

A: 1.) Shop by style, not by what you get in a package. 2.) If you don’t see what you like in the portfolio you are shown, don’t request the shots you want but find the photographer who already takes them. 3.) See the work of at least 3 professional photographers. 4.) Make sure the person who signs the contract will be the one to shoot your wedding. 5.) Finally, make sure you connect with the person/people you hire and you will be all smiles.

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