Summer Baby

Happy first birthday to this summer babe, sweet Baby Saige!

The Front Steps Project: Part 1

I got involved to busy my hands.  The project filled my heart. In the early days of COVID-19 lockdowns, two photographers in Boston began  photographing families sheltering in place on their front steps.  Instead of payment, participating families donated to a local organization that was helping mitigate the crisis.  The response was so great that…

New Normal

The day I arrived in NYC to take these pics the headline in the news was, ‘Its not “if” Coronavirus is going to devastate the US: Its “when.”‘  I wondered what it would look like. Two weeks later school was closed and business as I knew it was shut down.  These pics were taken exactly…

Time and Place

DC wasn’t a forever destination and they knew, so the cherry blossom nursery theme to celebrate baby girl’s arrival in time and place is both meaningful and bittersweet.  There isn’t much more I could say that the photos don’t say for themselves, just watch the language of their hands.