Ode to One

I used to think it was cake all over that sweet baby face that I loved about first year celebrations! It’s true…. I do love a beautiful mess… but also….

… Its the way a family transforms. Even if you didn’t know them before, you can see it. There is someone in the room who wasn’t in any room at all just a year ago and this person is a STAR. The stars’ parents are different people than they were a year ago, they are cool and confident, they’ve got this. The people formerly known as “the parents” push past their own child to swoop the superstar into their arms and whisk her away. She bounces from person to person, adults are making googley-eyes and cooing sounds and do not care who is watching.

It’s the best. It’s a celebration of the longest, shortest, craziest wtf-just-happened-here year ever. The universe blew apart the moment she was in the room, planets flew off their axis’, debris everywhere. A year later there is a new universe that has formed and everything is rotating and revolving around someone new. 🌟

E made this celebration of their daughter so magical, I loved documenting every sugar-sweet detail in addition to all the love at this beautiful, close family gathering earlier this summer.

Happy First Birthday!!!

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