What Happens at Mamaw’s…

… stays at Mamaw’s”…

The shenanigans can be as lock-lipped as Vegas, at least within my family. My introverted son is always game to go to my parents’ house: a lawless land where he runs the world and can do no wrong. My mother denies it but I found the jimmy jar the last time I was over there: my child living with diabetes gets sugar on top of his ice cream and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. (Its not as bad as it sounds but not a habit I want him to form.)

So If you’ve ever wondered what really goes on when you drop them off at their grandparents’ house, send a spy like me in with a camera for some recon! The big secrets won’t likely be revealed but the photos we capture of a special place with their most special people doing their very favorite things will be a gift for both your parents and your children for years and years to come.

I love that E&A choose to do this as a holiday gift for Mamaw and Papaw. They kept their gift certificate until they were fully vaxxed and then had me over for a spell while the kids played.

Serendipity is real and beautiful. It wasn’t until reviewing the capture that I really noticed the empty vessels above the hugs and fit of giggles, some part of me in that moment chose to take this moment wide and I’m glad I did. The empty jugs-turned-full heart really made me think about what we lost in this year+ of COVID, especially between the generations to my right and left. Babies went from newborns to walking without cuddles and encouragement by their elders. Toddlers with only a few words now speak in full sentences. Bigger kids grew inches, new interests and hobbies. Our parents could Zoom in but the kids were often Zoomed out.

This picture feels like redemption to me.

Here’s more capture to share in our action packed session, I needed a nap after that. From rockets to rock stars (with s’mores in between), we did it all.

Give me a shout if you have a grand idea in mind of your own….

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