Now Celebrating Seniors

She waited until fall. She was telling me why…

“I love it outside right now. And besides, I didn’t want to wear a sundress and sit in a bed of flowers. That’s not really…me. I’m a little…. I don’t know…. darker than that.”

I knew what she meant, I’m not really a sundress in flowers kind of person either. She was intuitive enough to know that she wanted something in her own season and to wait for her time.

Sometimes knowing what you don’t want is as valuable as knowing what you do. I had enough info to work with, her orange top picked up the subdued, warm palette of the environment perfectly while adding a warm natural glow to her face. We found the perfect spot on a covered bridge to explore that dark thing a little. Her second outfit was made of sophisticated earth tones and soft textures where old walls and wood fences offered both compliment and contrast. The structures literally framed her.

I decided it might be helpful to develop a tool to help seniors articulate the style that best communicates the human they are becoming. – just in case they don’t come to the task 100% sure of the game plan. So I created a questionnaire to eek it all out because there are small clues in locations, seasons, outfits, props – even knowing whether you like to smile in photos helps give me direction about how you feel your most comfortable and confident. Plus, it helps me stay true to your vision so I’m less likely to mold you into mine. All artists bring a biased eye to be sure but I would like for personality, in a portrait, to outshine aesthetic.

I’m sure she has many exciting moments going on right this minute from prom to graduation, these pics must feel like a lifetime ago! And maybe we all lived a couple lifetimes through 2020 but the Class of 2021 is to be honored and celebrated like no other for this especially difficult year they pushed through. Congrats on everything, M!

And if you are looking to make senior portraits to commemorate the year to come, I would love to conspire on that. Just reach out.

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