Livin’ Out Loud

I knew I was going to enjoy the hell out of this.

We’re kindred spirits in the desire to build what we have not yet seen. We’re on parallel and vulnerable journeys…

And its messy in the best possible way.

There’s a reigning idea that women can be serious entrepreneurs as long as we hire a full time nanny or ditch traditional familial roles all together. When we choose motherhood, we are faced with an ugly and unwinnable dichotamy: be the good mom who sacrifices everything for her family or be the dedicated entrepreneur. Does motherhood really have to drive that wedge? How many times have you heard, “you can have everything but not at the same time.” What if there are other possibilities? Is “balance” even good enough? Or do we want to thrive?

What if the answer is as simple as putting ourselves first? Jon’ll gives mompreneurs permission to care for themselves in order to gain the necessary energy, power and belief needed to drive our values. Its not about being energetic enough to do all the things, quite the opposite. Its about loving yourself enough to choose your moment, your time and your mission with your family and through your personal beliefs. Its about building faith. Its about choosing a life you love living without compromise. (See why we’re friends yet?)

This shoot was designed in part around the launch of her e-shop collaboration featuring seasonal products that support women creatives. She is kicking it off with gorgeous handmade earrings with messages of affirmation in language and symbol, the idea being, choose to be and wear it! Remind others, remind yourself: you are already worthy. You are already a star.

There was also a birthday celebration and a brand launch to cover. Joy is the main ingredient in everything she creates.

Of all the ideas and outfits and scenarios we explored, the little red thread is Jon’ll’s unstoppable energy. An energy that says you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it because success is inherently yours. The choice isn’t to succeed, its to shine your light.

I have loved seeing these photos up on, in social media posts… everywhere!

Creation is not easy or obvious: it’s a process that yields beautiful surprises. This shoot was no exception, serendipity came to play. I love working with you, Jon’ll!!!

Don’t believe all of this is possible? Watch Jon’ll live out loud by following @the_eventfullife as well as her programs at @theellifeexperiences on IG. She offers wisdom in the form of digital and live events, a TV series, strategic marketing and coaching. You’re going to see a lot more of her creations here and everywhere in the world.

Do you have an idea for photos that could bring your passion to life? Contact me, we’ll make a plan. I offer hourly services, half days and day rates so that no matter how much or little you need we can make magic happen and tell the story of your unique business.

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