I see you

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you plan to bask in your greatness all weekend, wrapped in love and appreciation. If nothing else I hope you get to take it easy. I hope this post honors the beautiful, unbreakable bond we have with our children. It’s also an ask…

Choose to be photographed.

I’m not talking about the selfie with your kids that you run through that filter, you know the one 😉. Nor am I asking you to hire me – just say “yes” to whomever you are with who happens to say, “wait, let me get a picture of this!” Let them.

I’m sharing some profesh photos from this past year or so to inspire you and to inspire me too. Its my job to document for others and during quarantine, when I couldn’t do my job safely, I decided to turn the lens on our life and make a document (more on that soon). I took hundreds of pictures of our daily life and guess how many I am in?

Goose egg. Zilch.

I wish I had turned the camera on myself. I wish I had set up the tripod and the remote trigger. I got lazy. Also, I chickened out.

I began to realize that it wasn’t just COVID but a pattern for me. I’m always feeling too *insert adjective here* to stay in the frame, I find some subtle way of sneaking out. He is always the better subject, I tell myself. But what document will he have of ME and my love to look back on when he is grown? Selfies show how I wanted to be photographed with him, not how we lived life day to day or how we loved.

Let’s make a pact to stay in the frame even when we want desperately to duck out. And if you do hire the profesh, choose to be part of the shoot. Let’s also ask our partners, parents or friends to take pictures of us interacting with our kids. (I know what I’m asking for this Mother’s Day!) Let’s keep ourselves in the family story no matter how we are feeling about our worth or our bodies or whatever doubt forms a blockade. Why do we sideline ourselves?

I know that the work of motherhood is largely invisible so let’s make sure our love, however imperfect, is entirely seen. Even if you hate the photos, so what? They don’t hate those parts of you, they love where you are soft and your face 100% “un-shopped”. Hell, stick the prints in that folder with your will and testament if you have to. Just take them, archive and resist the urge to delete yourself, your love and your history together. Let them discover, remember, tell stories, seek comfort and know without a doubt that all the love they remember was real.

Yoooooo I know that’s some heavy messaging on what should be an easy going day! But I also know your strength. You can take it. Give it some thought and tell me if you are in.

And to all the mommas shown here, thanks for choosing and trusting me to archive these days for you. You couldn’t be more beautiful if you tried.

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