Earth Day 2021

Whether its your kid or mine in front of the lens I am a witness to environmental curiosity and connection. Here’s my Earth Day prayer:

May they be better stewards than we have been.

May they seek joy, wisdom and healing outdoors over the course of their entire lifetime.

May they seek to diversify and share the great outdoors, making it welcoming and accessible to all.

May they learn the patience it takes to grow something.

May they take nothing and leave nothing behind.

May they value experience over stuff.

May they understand the intersectionality between environmental and social justice use their power accordingly.

May they always climb with a strong hold.

May they always explore with gentle hands.


May we be willing to divest from that which is destructive and invest in what heals.

May we give them the space they need to create this great, big future for themselves and all beings. even if its not the college/profession/income we would have chosen for them.

May we keep going outdoors together as a family.

May we keep our eye on the prize.  It has been here all along.

Thank you, Goddess.

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