Buredo: a DC restaurant story


Over the weekend I helped my 10 y/o son clean out his clothing drawer for fall.  I taught him the KonMarie method of thanking an object before setting it aside for donation.  At first he thought it was weird to talk to clothing but before we knew it memories were spilling out.   “Thanks, pajamas, for protecting me from baby barf!  Remember when Jordan and Safi and I were holding baby Maly and she barfed?  That was on these pajamas!”

Kids feel into the soul of things.  If the word soul is too much to imbue in a thing, think of energy instead.  How something is made matters, from its invention to how it as sourced to the skilled hands that touch it along the way.  I am beginning to pay very close attention to the energy or lack there of in an object or experience before deciding to spend my energy ($$$) on it.  Or adding  my energy to it.





Buredo is pre-poke and the original sushi burrito, salad or bowl.  Created by DC natives who wanted healthier options on the go, the menu features fresh and colorful veggies and fish (there is a tofu and land lover option as well).  The atmosphere is urban eclectic:  a little futuristic and Blade Runner, a little earthy and alive with wood.   Its all about precision from the sharp knife that is its namesake to the carefully chosen flavors in each menu creation.  Most patrons take out but there is a single, community table if you choose to stay.

The visual experience at the cross section of a roll or in the clear bowl is delightful: layers of color and texture.  Having tasted almost the full menu, I appreciate all that intention to stand out visually:

Buredo_Spring2016_Restaurant-075 Buredo_H_Street-084



The energy, passion and perseverance behind Buredo is very much present in everything from the atmosphere to the process behind the food itself.  Fresh fish is brought in almost daily and broken down onsite with skilled knives, we did an entire story just around that.  Even things like drinks and sides were chosen to offer local and environmental alternatives to commercialized and plastic options that commonly pair with fast food.

If you happen to be in Franklin Square, pick up one for you and please grab one to go for me!   Sophie and GoGo are my personal favs (burritos, please), Pai Mei and Hanzo are close seconds.  And yes, I will share like we’re at the community table 😊.














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