Its not always pretty but there’s beauty in what is raw and true.

I’ve been sketching out the DNA of my new business.  Worthington Photography was a biz my husband and I built and ran together for years.  My own work will always have roots there, anchored in authenticity.

Right now I’m thinking about what authenticity can look like going forward and what  other core values I will add.  The bones are there, its time to flesh it out.

When I sincerely complimented E on her family’s wardrobing choices for pictures last fall she replied, “Ya, we’re not really knitwear people”.  I clutched my chest dramatically (she knows I’m a knitter) and we laughed.  Nope, they are not.  They’re hikers and rock climbers by day, gamers by night.

Family portraits will stay on my calendar because I crave authenticity.  Babies aren’t able to take commands, small children can’t fake smiles with much success and older kids can do it but mostly won’t.    When I download a card and find smiles from a child I know it has been felt and earned.

I want the people I photograph to feel 100% validated in who they are and what they are passionate about doing with their life.   You are enough.  Your love is enough.  Your work is just what the world needs right now.  Come as you are.








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