Growing Up


Meet Tootie and Poppi!!!!  They’re also known as Polly and Bill and I met them on a recent shoot.  There was a lot to celebrate with big zero birthdays in the fam as well as their 65th wedding anniversary.

Each time I meet a couple that has made it to a big milestone in their marriage I ask the same question: What’s your secret?  How did you make it this far?

Sometimes I get a shrug or a laugh, usually I get the-nagging-wife response”:  “I do whatever she tells me!”  But Poppi said something different.

“We grew up together.  You think you are grown, an adult, when you get married but life hasn’t happened to you yet.  I think we just grew up really well together.”

The sting of tears.  Truth does that to me.

Sam and I are celebrating our 17th a little late this weekend and my parents are coming up on their 50th in a couple short weeks so the topic of resilience in relationships been on my mind.  Can you add some advice?  What is your secret as a partnership?  How have you made it this far?

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