Flower Girls


I’ve been dying to check out Fields of Flowers and was thrilled when these two were game to go!  Its a super laid back pick your own flower farm.  As you enter the barn you find an honor system cash jar, pairs of clippers and vitamin rich water to fill your collection cup.  Patty, who owns the farm, could not have been more kind.  My hope is that you will put this destination on your summer to do list and when you do, bring a photographer along (ahem! 🙋🏼) for a few snaps.

The chilly mountain air had delayed the peony bloom, they weren’t quite ready to be picked.  We took a few with more marshmallow-y buds in the hopes that they might open within the week.   We had the farm almost to entirely to ourselves for the half hour we hung out that morning, which was really rather special.

I’m sure that the bright flowers of summer are just around the corner but I preferred the subdued colors that let this otherwise way-too-humble momma shine.  I admire the heck out of this one in particular.  The mom gig is hard and so much harder on your own.

Watching these two and their Eskimo kisses was one of my favorite parts of my own Mother’s Day weekend, it awakened gratitude in me.  I doubt anyone cooked Ali breakfast in bed or took her out to brunch or did the dishes.  No one was going to send flowers.   But that’s where you can count on a single momma and her super kiddo to take matters into their own hands and make magic.   Check it out….














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