Outside in


This is my personal favorite nursery of all time I’ll admit the bias up front.   We live around the corner and chose this house for its placement in the the trees, amidst the foxes and owls and all the creatures my baby has connected with growing up here.  Just today as we walked to school he said, “you see him, right?  Just in front of that rock, look!”  (We call him the “Frog Whisperer”…)

That might be what drew us to look here but what made us sigh relief once the ink was dry were the people we met.  Natural beauty and outdoor space is important but there are a lot of ways to get that in your life no matter where you live.  Community is the secret sauce and that’s where we lucked out.

J&O, we’re so happy this little peanut has joined the pack and I love looking back on this shoot and how snuggly and sweet it is.   When she’s ready to catch frogs out back give me a shout, I know a guy.   And it will happen sooner than we think!










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