The Second Man Cub

Welcome Baby Leland-044

Penny was Megan’s first child.  And then the first man cub was born and poor Penny was so put out that Megan went and rescued another puppy named Ray just for her.  Now that the second man cub has arrived, Penny is looking a little pathetic again. She went up to her room to sulk shortly after we began shooting, I was really taken by her emotions!

Welcome Baby Leland-006

Welcome Baby Leland-008

Welcome Baby Leland-009

But who can blame Penny?  Everyone wants to be near Megan, that’s just how it is. Megan is simultaneously the most talented and kind person you’ll ever meet.  She’s got serious crafting super powers: she’ll go into a creative project as a complete neophyte only to render the results of a seasoned professional!  In other words, she would make a terrible candidate for “Nailed It” because she would actually nail it.  Or worse, she would probably make it better than the original.

 I’ve loved watching my cousin-in-law bring this same can-do attitude with her to motherhood.  And once again the proof is in the pudding because the first man cub is a joy and treasure.  

Our family has been truly blessed with our newest member, I’m so happy I was invited over to document some early days for our family far away.  Welcome to the world, Baby Leland, and congrats to this beautiful and growing family!  We love you all… (not just Megan!)

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