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Aune Family Summer 2018-003

Sam and I have lived in close proximity to at least one of our parents since we got married and are no more than a two hour drive away from any of them.  Our game plan was to stay close: we both had grandparents that lived far away when we were growing up.  The bonus for us was that our siblings decided to do the same.

It’s hard to fully appreciate living nearby because it feels so normal and ordinary.  I’m guessing that biologically speaking we are supposed to stumble through parenthood with the help of our elders and become those elders ourselves in time.  Its just that modern life doesn’t always allow for that design to play out so we’re quite lucky, as a family, that it has thus far. Taking the people we love most for granted is really the only real downside to this otherwise fortunate arrangement.

I’ve never thought to do a professional shoot with my son and his extended family, all of whom he is extremely close to, probably because we see them all the time and somewhere in my head its written that family photos must revolve around something unusual or special.  I realize now that a mini session would be perfect for that purpose. Melissa is so thoughtful and generous for thinking to put this shoot together for her family, I need to take some pointers.  My tribe is always waiting for fancy clothes to take pictures and I’m not sure why.

There’s nothing tricky or flashy or technically outrageous about these pictures, just a whole lot of love in a familiar place on a comfortable summer morning.  It’s a really simple idea with some really big feels.  Nothing has to be fancy or overproduced to be meaningful and special.

Thanks for letting me share these, Melissa…  And good thinking! 👏🏻

Aune Family Summer 2018-010

Aune Family Summer 2018-011

Aune Family Summer 2018-023

Aune Family Summer 2018-033

Aune Family Summer 2018-062

Aune Family Summer 2018-065

Aune Family Summer 2018-070

Aune Family Summer 2018-052

Aune Family Summer 2018-055

Aune Family Summer 2018-042

Aune Family Summer 2018-071

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