summer daze


Family Picture Days are generally popular events, I love the convenience and my clients love the discounts. Everybody wins!

I offered a summer FPD for the first time this year here in the DC area and it was a tough sell.  I get why its intimidating: July is generally stinkin’ hot, there are swim events to consider and family vacations are also in the mix.  Literally, why sweat it right now?  Best to wait until fall, most said.

Except one very brave family.  I wrote to Tiffany and said we could defer if she wanted, I was starting to question the wisdom of a summer plan myself.  But she said “all in” and I said “all right.”  And we made some discoveries.

First, the Rose Gardens of Bon Air Park in Arlington is just beautiful and very rosy in summer.  I’m always discovering parks in this area that blow me away and this was a great summertime location.  The sun garden was my favorite spot, full of butterflies and bright blooms that wouldn’t exist any time of year.



There’s also a playfulness inherent to summer like no other season.  School’s out and every grown up thinks wistfully back to their summer shenanigans as kids.  There’s no freedom quite like summer and I think that brings the fun factor forward, especially for a rowdy group of little guys!  Sure, the afternoons are hot and lazy.  But mornings are crisp and filled with warm light.  I’m glad we didn’t let that opportunity pass us by.











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