The fall season began in a special place…

The lack of recent posts combined with mighty cold weather might suggest hibernation on my part but life has been anything but sleepy.  The busiest fall season to date, a new home, happy holiday madness and winter weather have kept things interesting.  Strange as it seems to share photos dating back to autumn while watching snow fall outside my window, I can’t let too many seasons pass without sharing some of my favorite people photographed in what I can honestly call one of my favorite places on Planet Earth.

I’ve been fortunate to travel and explore many places around the globe but there’s one place I keep coming back too and its never far.  Libby Hill Park in Richmond, VA was a destination every day of walkable weather for the fourteen years we lived in historic Church Hill.   It faces the river to the south and the city to the west and I have watched the sun set countless times over both views.  Its prize features shift with the season, the late summer canopy of fuchsia crepe myrtle must give way to the vibrant yellow ginkos that line the hillside as the weather cools towards winter.   Libby Hill sounds like bagpipes and smells like candle wax on the first Friday of December and its the most thrilling place to go sledding in the snow.   It was the last place we took our dog to before he died and the first place we took our son to when he was born.  Its where we taught a puppy to play frisbee and a little boy to listen for trains and ride his bike without training wheels.  To us, its sacred and profane in its beauty and familiarity.  While I never once took it for granted, thinking at least once upon each jaunt, “I can’t believe I live here”, I miss it all the same.  Its never far but its no longer near.

Add to that the fact that I have worked with every single family who came out for picture day at least once, literally photographing some of their marriages for Pete’s sake, I’m not sure how I avoided becoming a giant, teary ball of nostalgia while shooting.  The day blew by as I followed the sun and eked out each of 30 minutes to catch up, catch smiles and catch a little silliness where it presented itself.  It went by too fast and it was pure joy.  Here’s a sampling from the first of two RVA picture days, I am so grateful for these people and pups for their familiar smiles and for bringing me home.










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