A pause…

There is so much to take in.

So much has happened in this past week or so in our lives.  There have been hurricanes, loss, surgeries, elections, recoveries, and new hope.  Life changing technology sits unopened in a box on my kitchen counter.  Early this morning I sat at the edge of my son’s bed with a cup of coffee in my hand and the fog of this week in my head.  I just sat there and soaked up the peace on his sleeping face.  It took a few moments to get my fill before clearing my throat and crowing “COCK-a-doodle-DOO!!!!”  Instead of thrashing and screaming “nooooooo!”, a form of protest he inherited from two parents who don’t care for roosters either, he just looked at me with wide eyes.  He was completely still and he said, “I wondered when you would come.”

My mother clicks her tongue and begs me to get off the computer and lay down, fearing I will get too sore if I sit up for too long but she knows I am pig headed.  I need to continue editing so that I can peek at the small miracles revealed in photos.  Its a healing exercise.  I see the complexities and joys of our life mirrored in the relationships within the families I shoot.  The pile of posts continues to grow with each passing day but I know that I will be able to share these stories in a more profound way if I take the time to sort through all these happenings and find the connections.

Please pardon my pause until then.  Keep emailing me, keep calling me, I am still here, I get better every day and continue to fall deeply in love with all things light and lens.

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