Baby Kellen at 8 Months


I have the weirdest, most wonderful job.  What makes it wonderful?  People like Jessica and Kim.  The amazing simplicity of what it really and truly means to be a family, whether I see that dynamic play out at a wedding or during a lifestyle shoot on an ordinary day.  Oh – and cake – there’s almost always cake at my job.  So the wonderful is probably pretty obvious.

So what makes it weird?  Crying in front of my computer while reviewing a slideshow for the first time.   I’m a sap, that’s no secret, the weird part is that I still cry, that I have never become desensitized to it after all these years, all these brides, all these babies, all these parents welcoming children and giving them away.  It continues to hit me like a brick.  Weird because I never intended to do any of this as a photographer, it chose me rather than the other way around.  Weird that as hard as I tried to steer away from weddings and portraits in my graduate career, I can’t really imagine doing anything else with my camera and loving it so much.  Art school teaches you to run laps in circular arguments but little about what is actually important or worth discussing.  Now I look at what is important all the time and, better yet, I actually see it.  Which circles us right back to the wonderful, which brings me right back to Jessica and Kim and Kellen.

Its been over seven months since I last took pictures of Kellen and oh my goodness, someone managed to become even more cute while I was gone.  In the word(s) of Indigo Montoya, “incontheevable!”



One of the best things about using a home as a backdrop is the ease with which we can update certain shots and see just how much has changed in the span of a few short months.   I’m addicted to the colors around Kellen’s changing table and rocker.  As can see, Kellen’s world view has changed by about 90 degrees since our last shoot…





We did some things old and some things new.  We added the park into the mix since its become a part of Kellen’s routine, he is a big fan of the swing.  I love how he already knows to hold onto the chains, its such a big boy thing to do…


But true to his baby nature, we wore him out with all our fun and games back at the house so he was practically comatose by the time we made it to the park.  Which was nice for a little extra outdoor snuggling…




Hmmm, will there be a love affair with trucks?  Only time and a Y chromosome will tell.


I love watching Jessica and Kim with their son, there’s so much love, pride, humor and enthusiastic energy between these three.  I would never rush a babe towards his first birthday but it is something I will look forward to.  I enjoy every shoot with this very charismatic family because they truly see, and better yet, appreciate the extraordinary in their ordinary.  That’s not just the cupcakes or the Starbucks speaking, by the way, I adore the three of you.  You have a way of making everything special, everything into a celebration, tada!, just because you can.   I always think fondly back to Jessica and “the great reveal” and I’m so happy that it wasn’t just a plan for your wedding day, it was a plan for every day thereafter.  I’m not even sure if you know what I mean by all this but trust me, its a good quality, you put your mark on every day and I see that in your pictures.

And that’s probably why this one is a tear jerker for me, or maybe its the way the words lined up with the images almost eerily perfect.  Jessica and Kim gave me three songs to choose from and I went with The Riddle.  As much as the hipster in me wanted to choose Kids by MGMT, the sentimental momma in me had the final say.  She always does.  If you would like to see the gallery, click here.  Until the cake smashing….  See what I mean about cake?  Wonderful.













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