Baby Reyna’s Baptism


Ever since I posted my niece’s birth story, I have received several messages from you all asking about my sister and her family and how everyone is doing.  I know that I can get a little cynical, a little cranky and a little critical about the state of humanity at times but then you all blow me away with such concern for people you have never met.  And it makes me less cynical and cranky and critical.  It makes me a better member of the race so maybe I’ll have less to complain about.

I was in the grocery store when my sister texted that a woman who lost a baby at 20 weeks had seen our blog post on a friend’s status and contacted my sister, they made a coffee date.  I lost it in the canned food isle.  And for those uninitiated in the culture of Richmond, Virginia… you can’t just stand there wiping away unwanted tears and forcing back a really awkward sob while holding a large can of pears and still maintain complete anonymity as you do so.  If its a busy day at the grocery store, you will probably feel a hand on your shoulder and hear a lovely Southern voice which you may or may not recognize given that you know half the city say , “Is everything OK, Sweetie?”.  And that will probably make your diehard Yankee heart break a little more so that you cry even harder.  Why do y’all have to be so dern nice here?

So first of all, thanks for reading.  And thank you to all who allow me to share the stories of their families here.  Nothing has to be tragic to be inspiring, sometimes its really just about appreciating the extraordinary ordinary right under our noses.   Thank you for passing these links on and believing, as I do, that the right message will find the right person at the right time.

So here’s another really happy day for my family that I get to share, just so you know that all is well that ends well and that we continue to celebrate our blessings.  Reyna was baptized in a Greek Orthodox Church in Washington DC on the last weekend in April and her dress was made from my sister’s wedding dress.  And yes, I am biased, but Reyna is just one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever laid eyes on.  She is six months old now, still our miracle, still our gift, very happy and very healthy.

I really love Greek Orthodox churches for their elaborate splendor.  I also like that saints are always hovering in the background of family portraits at the alter, flashing holy gang signs.  At least that’s how I like to think of them.


While it sounds odd, part of me smirked as Reyna screamed her head off after being stripped down, dunked, oiled and then dressed again.  Angry little angel, she continued to scream well after the “scary” parts were over as her godfather, Mike, tried to distract her with phones and jingling keys as my sister tried to quell her rage with binkies and bottles.  No way around it, the girl was pissed.  Good, I thought.  She’s got my sister’s fiery spunk.   No matter how we start out, in the end, the women of my family are never shrinking violets buts its neat to see the DNA expressing itself early in the game.  I found it especially fitting that what my niece perceived, in her very limited world view, as needless and cruel torture was in fact an initiation into something beautiful and profound.  It makes me think of how many times I, in my limited world view, think the universe is needlessly torturing me only to understand later that it was actually an initiation, a necessarily painful transformation, into something better.   Katy and Fadi know what I’m talking about.


So check these out.  Sam, Madison and myself even make some cameos.  I  can’t wait for the next milestone to celebrate…


























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