Awaiting Baby Girl Bennett


We still have clients who talk about “the surprise wedding” that we shot so many moons ago… And I am in agreement…Best. Idea. Ever.

Not the best day though, believe it or not.  While many people like to talk about weddings as “the best day of your life”, parents know the score.  Wedding days are fun and fantastic and romantic but they pale next to the real best day.  Or best days.  The best day is coming soon, any day now really.  And I’m so happy I got to take photos of Ali and Michael on one of the days leading up.

For anyone who owns a cat, or heck, even knows a cat, you have to appreciate the serendipity in this shoot.   There’s no making a cat do anything you want them to do.  Toddlers are tough but they can be fooled: not cats.  Which is what makes Gibson’s attitude towards out shoot pretty unique, I’m not sure I could ever make photos like these happen again:




I am in love with these photos.  Michael had an idea…. “Remember how we were hanging out on the bed daydreaming about her the other day?”, he asked Ali.  And so they did and the photos that resulted, especially with Gibson’s compliance, are both intimate and relaxed, reminiscent of their wedding photos.   Ali called these photos, “the calm before the storm”.



While the nursery isn’t complete, I love how there’s already the promise of a getaway in baby girl’s room.  A bird mobile that Ali lovingly made sits in front of floppy sun hats hanging on a wall the color of the Caribbean sea.  Her closet door is decorated with bathing suits and other fun clothing, ready to be thrown in a bag for an adventure.  I adore this outlook on parenthood: “Away we go!”



I had an incredible time shooting for this couple and can’t wait to meet their little one when she arrives and we have returned from a vacation of our own.  Just a few more snippets until then…




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