Cannon is Two!


Hard to believe this wee little guy…


… is already two years old!


Cannon had so many fun new things to show me when I arrived, between Christmas and his birthday he made out like a bandit and its clear what his favorite time of year will be.  It was a celebration of boy-wonder between fire trucks, tool tables, race cars and even a motorized car!




But there’s no replacement for the thrill of the real thing, we took some pictures of Cannon “driving” daddy’s truck:


I love that the baby who grew up with a cowboy theme got a teepee for his birthday.  It makes a great hiding place but there’s no escaping Louis licks…





There’s something about this picture that really got me, something that felt so familiar and yet it took me some time to figure out just what it was.  Its the way Jill is positioned behind Cannon, ready to direct his hands with her own.  Any parent of a two-year-old spends a lot of time in this position, crouched behind their child and directing small hands like a puppeteer.  Two year olds want so much to do the things big people do, which gets big people like me into trouble when they say things they shouldn’t only to hear inappropriate commentary parroted verbatum through a tiny voice at about knee level.  Its both a fascinating and daunting responsibility, parenthood at two.  For the first year or so, babies are learning how to become part of the human species: how to smile, walk, grasp a cheerio between an index finger and a thumb, or eat a slice of watermelon without choking.  Its subtle, the transition, but at some point they become more interested in learning how to be part of the human race.  Now they want to brush teeth and spread the peanut butter on their sandwich.  One of my favorite Fiverisms has been, “no, MY do it!”.  Its neat to see that play out visually, even if it took me a moment to recognize.


It was so mild outside that we decided to hit a local park and spend some time outside.  And here’s one more example of how art school has ruined me forever.   I see a big world and a tiny little boy running forth into it, his shadow literally foreshadowing how big he will be in the years to come but his dad is right behind him, slightly out of view.  And I think well of course, that’s what parenthood is, you let them run into the wild blue yonder under a watchful eye.  That’s what’s scary and wonderful about toddlers: how quickly they are letting go of your hand to run towards everything.  Not to mention how fast they can actually run.


Here’s a slideshow of the day or you can check out the gallery here.  Congratulations, Jill and Todd, on all that has led to two successful years with one adorable little boy.  And there’s more congratulations in order: Cannon’s family will be expecting an addition this summer!  Can’t hardly wait to see what the stork brings…




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