Maddie and Baby Jackson


I know, you are so over it.  Its all been boxed up and shoved back into the attic, basement, or wherever it all lives most of the year.  Songs that were charmingly seasonal a mere month ago are now inappropriately annoying and you dare not wear a red sweater lest someone give you the stink eye.   Its done until next year.

Indeed, this blog post is most ill timed.

So, in fairness to the awesomeness of this family, try and imagine that you aren’t in front of an electronic devise reading a blog.  Instead, imagine yourself curled up on the couch of a living room, flipping through a photo album.  Embrace the time warp.

I’ve been photographing Maddie since she was 3 months old and she remains one of my favorite muses, mostly because she is such a willing participant in all things camera ham-ish.  She especially likes it when I sing the “Hold Still” song from Yo Gabba Gabba and she cracks up every time I tell her, “whatever you do… DON’T smile!” in the same tone as “whatever you do… DON’T push the red button!”.  Maddie likes the camera and the camera likes her right back.


My favorite was when I found her Christmas list taped up to the glass panel door.  In case Santa got too fat for the chimney and had to enter through more conventional means?


Jackson, now six months old, isn’t as sure about the camera yet.  Or maybe he just takes it more seriously…


Unless, of course, he is busy nibbling on a bow…


These photos in front of the tree were my personal favorite since they get straight to the heart of the holiday.  The part of it that stays with us after the tree comes down, the part that might still manage to warm your heart well into January and beyond as greetings of “Happy New Year!” wane and new toys lose their shine.



To quote the Llama Llama series that is among my own son’s favorites:

“Sometimes we should take a rest and hold the ones we love the best.  Wishing, waiting, wanting things… we forget what this time brings.  Gifts are nice, but there’s another – the true gift is we have each other.”



So hang onto that thought as you watch this slideshow and view this gallery.  You have room in your heart for one more Christmas carol, I know it.  Mostly because its John Denver and the Muppets (best Christmas album EVER).  But also because you are awesome.









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