Pop! Contrasting pagemounts in Queensberry albums

It has come to my attention that I have been neglecting the album portion of this blog in a big way.  I think it was my New Years resolution for 2011 to post albums more frequently.  Sadly, the albums I am posting today went out for holiday delivery back in ’10 so they pretty much date back to said resolution.  But these are nice albums and its never too late to make a change for the better so let’s talk contrasting pagemounts, shall we?

In both our Queensberry matted and duo books, photos are mounted to an art paper called a page (hence the name pagemount) and the apertures of the matt are cut just a tiny bit bigger so that the page peeks through.  When you choose a page color that contrasts the matt color, you get a border effect that makes your pics go POP!

Its a more contemporary look that isn’t for everyone, but given that we don’t keep an example of contrasting pagemounts in our studio, I think its a good idea to profile it here.

Here’s the design for Laura and Tom’s album (I recommend checking the designs out first, that way the shots of the books themselves make more sense).  Laura and Tom’s wedding may have looked traditional at a glance: the guys wore tuxes and Laura wore a tiara, the ceremony took place at a Catholic church and the reception at a Country Club.  But look a little closer and you’ll see just how lively this couple is from their first dance to M.C. Hammer’s Can’t Touch This to family dance offs where cousins got served by Tom’s kid brother!  This story called for an album layout with a little less tradition.

The couple chose a duo book, which combines both matted and digital (or flush mount) pages.  The choice of ivory matting with black pages really brought the matted pages to life.





Or, if you ivory mats aren’t your thing, you can do black matting with an ivory page too.  Black matting to me always says old school: it reminds me of the photo albums I found in my grandparents basement that I assume my grandmother made, painstakingly attaching each photo to the black paper with a photo corner.  But add a white page and whoosh, we’re shuttled from 1955 to the here and now…  Here’s Becky and Mike’s album design, Check out a few pages of their duo album, which included a gatefold and flip page for some extra glitz.







Also worth noting is the half photo front cover that Becky and Mike choose for their book.   This means that a photo is printed over the right half of the front cover.   I’ve been meaning to get a sample of one of these in studio because the effect is actually quite nice in black and white, the photo is slightly metallic and blends into the genuine black leather that makes up the rest of the cover quite nicely.


Similarly, Christina and William opted for a duo book with black mats and white pages.  Their cover is blind embossed though, so classic!


Also, they chose a 10×14 vertical format rather than the 12×12, which is probably our most popular choice.  Large format albums can be 12×12, 14×10 horizontal or 10×14 vertical.





Hopefully this helps some of you looking for album ideas.  More to come next week…

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