Welcome, Baby Benjamin


I’m hoping this post finds everyone safe, damage minimal, and one day closer to regaining power and getting back to life.  This past week has given me a lot to reflect on in terms of what’s actually important.  Its easy to take our family and the four walls that keep that family safe for granted.

A home, no matter whether you own or rent, is more than four walls.  First you make it your own and then you set about to the task of making memories there. Its hard to believe that Kelly and Pete just moved into this house with Kelly 37? 38? weeks pregnant during the big move!  Its remarkable on many levels, especially to those of us who have experienced the power or nesting instincts during that last trimester.  They have already made their house look like home and made some amazing memories within it.


Nurseries are an amazing way for parents-to-be to connect with a being they already love so much but only know in an abstract way.  For this reason, I love photographing nurseries and seeing all the creative and wonderful things that people do to welcome a little being.  Baby Benjamin’s room had teal walls when they moved in, a wonderful blessing, and I love happy whales and navy blue accents that conjure up dreams of sailing adventures on the great ocean blue.  My personal fav item was an old side table that the couple painted a bright shade of lime green, I love the idea of sprucing up a flea market find!



It isn’t usually too hard to coax a two week old baby to sleep but sweet Benjamin was determined to stay awake!  No amount of milk, swinging, or swaddling could deter this wee one from staring into his proud parents’ eyes.  I was all over it…



I hate it when I can’t decide between moments.  OK, maybe I could have worse problems.


Check out Marley, the family’s Golden, wanted to keep close watch over the newest member of the pack.



Its strange to call this a newborn portrait since you can’t even see the newborn but I still love how Benjamin is implied by all his family members in this shot:


Congratulations to Kelly and Pete on such a beautiful little boy, I am so excited to watch him grow!  Here’s a slideshow (love the music choice, you guys) and the online gallery to see more…













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