Cannon at 18 months


A couple days before the shoot, I asked Jill what she wanted to remember most about this particular time in Cannon’s life and I loved her response so much that I hope its OK to share it here:  “Is EVERYTHING too much to ask?  He loves playing in the water, still loves baths and splashing himself, cuddling with his monkey and bear, “racing” with daddy, chasing bubbles, his love for sweeping the floors, the way he pats my back every time I pick him up, his love for crawling through my legs, throwing everything… even things he shouldn’t (we’re trying to deter this but its so damn cute), the way he can tear through a book shelf, his curls, his giggle when Todd and I kiss, his jealousy when I love and cuddle on Louie, the way he claps and says, “yay!” when a song ends on the radio, his keen sense for seeing a bird at half a mile away and yelling “tweet, tweet” in excitement, his insistence on wearing my high heels after I come home from work in the evenings and that sweet little belly of his.  Can you capture all of that and more?  Is that too much to ask?”

I tried not to fixate on each adorable vignette she described because I didn’t want to shoot to feel staged but her words gave me some great framework for seeing through the lens and ideas to try when we found a lull.  We started by setting up the baby pool in the backyard.  I liked this portrait of Cannon’s curls:


He looks just like Todd in this one, its crazy!


Of course we pulled out the bubbles to see what he might do…



When we needed a break from the hot summer sun we went inside to hang out in the playroom.  I did get to see a daddy race…


As well as some hoops and peekaboo with mommy:



Jill and Todd are in a new house so we didn’t want to do too much indoors before their furniture arrived, but still, we had to carry on the tradition of a family portrait with Louie on the bed somehow!  The guest room was a fine substitute…



And playtime ensued.  One of the greatest things about having a baby boy nearing two is that they are both rambunctious and fairly indestructible!





After daddy left to go back to work, Jill humored me because I wanted to see how well Cannon could walk in heels (sorry Todd, we just had to).  Cannon walks a lot better in heels than me, as it turns out!



Bear and monkey made an appearance as we started winding down.  As did baseball binky, much to Jill’s chagrin.  But I didn’t mind, baseball binky is kind of perfect.





All day I fixated on getting the back pat that Jill described.  Because its true – whenever Jill picks him up he pats her on the back.  Except when he is tired and Mel is begging him to do it, of course.  I was so bummed that I didn’t get it until I went through my capture… I didn’t remember taking the photo, it must have been when I first arrived but you can even see the motion of the pat!  I’m a professional but I can admit that sometimes, I still just plain luck out.


If you watch the slideshow closely, you’ll see some other memories that Jill mentioned but I’ll let you find them.  Eighteen months is indeed sweet, I’m so glad that Jill wanted to take these!  Here’s the gallery so you can check out more…






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