Lucky, Lucky, Lucky


Elizabeth is such a beautiful name.  Classic, regal, timeless really… a name any girl or woman would be glad to have.  But in our circle of friends, Baby Elizabeth is more likely to hear herself referred to as Lucky, the name her big brother bestowed upon her back when she was still renting uterus space.  Even now, at 6 months, the family can’t help but call her Lucky…

Recent events have had me thinking a lot about luck, happiness, and oddly, time conversions.   You know, just like there’s a conversion for dog years to human years (7 to 1), I’ve been thinking that there ought to be a Richmond year to regular year conversion since, with every person I meet here, I feel like I have known them much longer than I actually have.  I guess I have known Shannon for awhile, eight years? nine years maybe? but it feels like much longer than that.  And while we don’t get to hang nearly as often as I would like, time between us is never really lost so it doesn’t much matter – the same as how it is with your childhood friends.  You just start talking and the hours pass and eventually someone, whether it is a client or a child or a spouse, interrupts your chatter and tells you that its time to come home.

So it was a treat to come over and spend the afternoon with Shannon’s family.  If you read this blog often, you have definitely come across a Shannonism since  I am always borrowing from her poignant and humorous observations on parenthood and the rest of the world.  It definitely takes a village to raise a human being and she wears one of the grand pooba hats in my village.

We started shooting while big brother Temple was still at preschool, just to get some pics with Lucky and her parents.  As the second child herself, Shannon could never find pictures of her alone or with her parents so it seemed like a good thing to do.  Lucky was so smiley and a total camera ham, I see some very entertaining performances from this little girl in our future…





When Temple came home his momma whisked him to the bathroom to “comb the rooster”.  I love this shot of momma primping and Temple’s hands buried in his pockets.


Then it was outside for some family pictures on the deck and Temple took right to the task of making his little sister smile.  Temple really loves his sister, he has since he named her Lucky.  He’s so sweetly affectionate and  just loves to entertain her.   You gotta love on the sibling love here…






So I know that this isn’t the shot of Temple and Elizabeth, the shot I will display just below, but this one stood out for me immediately because it reminded me so much of a photo I had taken of Temple at 10 weeks, back in his potato days (footnote: potato days, Shannonism).  Its amazing how there are aspects of each of us that are there from the day we are born and stay with us.  I think that Temple will always have a soulful stare, the kind that sees right in.  Which makes me wonder, what am I going to see in Elizabeth four years from now that I photographed today?



Can we call this one the Lucky lounge?


This one had me laughing out loud when I found it.  So, kids, what’s it really like to have a photo session with Mel?


It was a day with some goofiness,




and a lot of beauty, Temple showed me some sprouts he was growing from school.  Beautiful and full of spring.


There’s so much I want to say but I’m trying not to show too much favoritism.  Here’s a slideshow and a gallery to check out, thank you so much, Shannon and Nate, for sharing your family with me.












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