Trey turns Two!


Ellen and I met at my personal saving grace, Stroller Strides, last fall and I’m really excited to shoot for this family over the coming year.   We decided to do our first session just as Trey turned two and while the family was still, technically speaking, a family of three.

We started shooting at the house and waited for Tim to come home so we could go feed the ducks at the nearby University of Richmond.   Trey couldn’t wait to get in the car and go, I love how he looks out the window longingly…



Here’s my favorite Trey face, btw…


Once we got to U of R, it was time to take to the task of feeding the ducks.  I guess Trey just wanted to test out the bread and make sure it was duck worthy…




A friend gave me a quote that I have come to love by an unknown author and it reads, “A boy is Truth with dirt on its face, Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and hope for the future with a frog in his pocket.”  If I had photos to illustrate what it is to be a little boy, minus an actual frog, they might look like these…







Since I get to do maternity photos of Ellen at the beach this summer, I thought it was OK to focus a little more on Tim and Trey together this time around.  Besides, Father’s Day is right around the corner!

Sam says that he can remember how the world looked from his father’s shoulders, how strong and and tall he always thought his dad was (and is!).   Men are always throwing their children and their children are always laughing and the childrens’ mothers are always cringing and saying things like, “not so high…”
And so it will be, until the end of time, and that’s why I especially love this photo:


I couldn’t help it.  Trey is the third, hence the nickname, so how could I help but put these three photos together into a triptych? Damn you, art school.


Now that I am a mother, I see mothering in gestures because I do these same things:



Once we got close to the water’s edge, Tim needed to secure his son with a finger hook to make sure his curiosity didn’t get… wet.   I thought it looked sweet:


Speaking of sweet…  Can there ever be too many kisses?  For little boys, maybe so.


Here’s a slideshow and online gallery to check out and see more, I can’t wait to meet up with this crew again this summer!



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