The Gift

I believe that once you hit a certain age which remains nameless, you have earned week long personal holidays.  So your birthday becomes your birth week.  And by the transitive property, Mother’s Day is actually Mother’s Week. Which means that I am not actually late in wishing all my amazing momma clients, friends and family out there a Happy Mother’s Day.  See how I roll?

While these photos weren’t taken on Mother’s Day, I thought I would share them in honor of the day because Sam documented the very first gift I ever received from my son.  We were hanging out at the water front in New Orleans on a lazy afternoon, watching the ships come in when Fiver picked a dandelion and handed it to me.  When he saw how happy it made me it became a game of running, picking, and laughing, all while managing to cling on to his apple as he procured and delivered gifts.  I was so puffed up, watching me son experience joy from the act of giving for the first time.  It was a giant leap for my man cub and I’m so happy that Sam had a camera handy and took the time to document it for me.






As for my gift, the dandelions made their way into a book and traveled home with us where they were pressed and dryed and now live in a special drawer in my jewelry box along side Arbus’ puppy teeth and other sentimental relics of ordinary days.   May all you mommas have a special drawer where you tuck away the treasured gifts, no matter how mundane, as a reminder that every sacrifice you make to create the best life for your children pays off many fold.  Mommas… here’s to you.

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