Brayden and Baby Reese at 13 weeks


I was excited to come back for a visit to see how Reese is growing and how Brayden is doing with big brotherhood.  To borrow an expression from my father in law, Brayden is a gem.

He loves to cook at his toy kitchen, if you recall from his pics from just after Christmas, he is quite the cook with his “hot grill”.  He likes to make meals for his little sister and put them on her tray.


As for Reese, she’s growing so big and smiley, she’s one of those babes that doesn’t smile with her mouth but with her whole face!


My favorite family pictures were on the bed.  So, I know the expression I’m getting from Brayden here….


I know the expression well.  Tongue slightly upturned out of the mouth, eyes searching mine.  And while Jeff can’t actually see the expression, you can tell that he suspects I’m getting the expression.  Its the expression that says, “I’m thinking about doing something I probably shouldn’t….”  So I took advantage and asked if J-U-M-P-I-N-G might be allowable, just for photos.  It was agreed that this was a special circumstance and we had a little fun with that…



Reese was in need of some extra shut eye before we continued with our shoot so Amy laid her down for a nap.  Its so sweet, and I had totally forgotten, how babies sleep with their arms up.  I had to document this little land of nod:




I hate it when people ask me what I do for a living because yes, I’m a photographer, but I’m lousy at describing what I do.  Yes, I shoot babies, no, I don’t have a studio, I go to people’s homes, see, and…and… the rest I struggle with describing.  Because what I want to say is that I show families what their love looks like.  Its simple, its to the point, but damn that’s cheesy.  Seriously, could you hold a straight face if someone you had just met really said that?  So anyway, I know what I do and the families I work with do too but with anyone I meet for the first time, I just say that I’m a photographer and then dart for the guacamole bowl so that I don’t have to follow that intro up with anything else.  I rarely admit it but I love the love.








Here’s a slideshow and online gallery from this shoot and stay tuned because I get to check in with Brayden and Reese again in just a few months!  It goes by fast…




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