Hello, Baby Carmen


I love the story the way my mother tells it:  I’m 4, a few months older than Camille is in this shoot and my baby sister is 4 or 5 months old, a few months older than Baby Carmen.  My mother is fixing dinner in the kitchen and listening to me as I push Katy in a swing and tell her all my secrets.  Like any good mother, she listens in and overhears, “You know, I didn’t like you very much at first.  But now I think you’re kind of OK.”

So naturally, this was my frame of reference when Camille didn’t really feel like taking pictures with her mom and baby sister, Carmen, who turned four weeks old the day of the shoot.  Hang on – unfair – let me give you the back story: Camille is truly one of the most kind, thoughtful, warm and well behaved toddlers I have had the pleasure of knowing in recent years and I say that with absolute honesty… she is a gleaming reflection of her parents.  And Camille has been so excited for the arrival of her sister and is being so helpful, this was just one of the, well, harder days.  And in my professional, Jr. Psychologist opinion, any newly crowned older sibling, no matter how sweet, who doesn’t have the occasional bad day once the two most important people in the world are dividing their attention with what must seem like a very loud and poopy sack of potatoes, is bound to become a sociopath.  So I’m not in any way picking Camille here, I think what I’m trying to say is that there’s a sweet reality in these photos that will become all the more endearing as these two girls grown into inseparable friends.  Trust me, I know… after spending this past weekend with my sister on her birthday, I would have loved to have gifted her with a pic like this in a frame with the caption, “but now I think you are even better than kind of OK”.


Poor Tricia…Carmen was having a fussy day and was not so into photos herself.  I reminded Tricia that screaming baby photos are really cute because photos don’t have sound and it made her laugh.  Definitely one of the selling points for still photography, IMO.


Luckily Carmen couldn’t fight the Sandman for long so we got beautiful, sleepy baby photos in Tricia’s arms. Carmen looks a lot like her sister did at her age except for this cute little sprig of hair that sticks up, that is uniquely hers!


Carmen’s nursery is so beautiful, this is where we started taking pictures when I arrived.  I love the aqua blue walls with bright pink and brown accents, the birdie painting over the crib gives a hint of a tropical sanctuary.  Tricia and Patrick incorporated some of their own baby items into the decor of the room:  the shelf with Carmen’s name has Patrick’s baby cups and Tricia’s booties and one of Tricia’s diaper pins is framed for display too.




Camille looked very regal with the couch throw wrapped around her as she ascended the stairs to check out what we were doing…


But she was still feeling shy.


Tricia’s mom was able to join us for photos so we decided to try taking a few cuddle pics with all the girls on the couch downstairs.  Again, not a super popular idea, but at least here on the couch there’s a television for comfort.



Then we asked Camille if she wanted to hold her sister and she  just lit up.  She was just waiting to be asked I guess because she quickly folded her legs criss-cross applesauce and came alive.   What happened next is so sweet…





Here’s the online gallery and a slideshow of the shoot, Tricia let me pick the song so I couldn’t help this one.  Congratulations, Tricia and Patrick on two crazy beautiful girls.  Carmen is the greatest gift Camille has ever received, trust me, I know…

And Camille, you are my little hero.  I know how close you are to your momma and how hard it is to share.  We could all learn a lesson or two from you…











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