Baby Preston and Family


It wasn’t long ago, just before Christmas in fact, that I took these photos of sweet baby Preston and his father’s side of the family.  Natalie’s father was overseas at that time and Natalie wanted to do another shoot once he came home while Preston was still a wee tyke.  So this time, instead of congregating at the Toalson home, we switched it up a bit and met around the corner at Natalie’s parents house for the shoot.

Family portraits, the conventional way, haven’t been my cup of tea since my mother dressed my sister and I up in matching blue flowered dresses and dragged us to Olan Mills.   Can’t say as I blamed her, it was way too hard to get both of us to pose for a photo together and I admit that I rather adore that picture now: my sister looking so angelic behind her baby tooth grin and my tom boy self with straight cut bangs and a gap between my front teeth, looking a little itchy from the lace, both of our bodies turned away from each other ever so slightly as if to whisper, “she’s touching me”.  So I do value the everybody-look-at-the-camera-and-say-cheese stuff, these photos take prominent places in our homes and remind us of the people we love who are growing up too fast or can’t be around to make us laugh every single day.  Even if its not “my thing”, its good to share here.  And maybe its just me, but I think there were some very genuine moments despite the lights, camera and action.  Maybe you’ll agree…






My favs were in the nursery Natalie’s mom has set up in her house for when Preston comes to visit, equipped with the very same Jenny Lind crib Natalie slept in as a baby.  I love these sweet, shared momma moments:




If there’s one mistake I made, its forgetting that babies are ticking time bombs when it comes to posed portraiture and saving the immediate family until the end.  Preston was truly a champ, dishing out smiles left and right, right on command and then suddenly, he was over it… and ready to play.  So I was a little bummed with our capture of just Natalie and Craig but we can save that for another day.  Preston will be so glad someday to have photos with all of his family, its a beautiful gift that Natalie and Craig gave.  Its making me think that we need to get more photos of Fiver with his grandfolk as soon as we can, its too easy to take these relationships for granted!

Here’s a slideshow and the online gallery to share….


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