Holy Albums, Batman.

This blog post is more for my benefit than yours, that’s for sure.  I’m having one of those weeks where I need to feel… no, I need to know that I am making progress on albums.  Which is why I sure am happy that I took this photo of Sam with holiday delivery albums that we had just packaged for shipping mid December.


I had the camera on the table from taking photos of some of the books (which I will share…eventually…at some point… I promise).  Doesn’t he have the slightly crazed smile of a man fully aware that he is about to brave the post office during the holiday season?  How’s that for realism?

The stack he’s holding excludes two books set aside for pick up, the two books that were scheduled to ship the following week and the two orders I have placed since this photo.  I don’t know if I really buy the whole story of the turtle winning the race but by golly, I am getting there.

For those of you still waiting for your design, I fold my hands in a humble namaste and bow to you in earnest thanks.  My baby is 16 months old and still I am digging myself out of a maternity leave, we’ve lived and learned.   There’s never been enough of a lull since then to fully catch up, and for that I am grateful.  There will be late nights until the backlog is through and I’m pronouncing my intentions here so that you can hold me to my words.  Again, I thank you.  I have the coolest clients in the whole wide world.  And a pretty good hubby too…

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