Introducing Baby Dahlia


I was so excited to hear that Natalie and Dave, whose fabulous wedding we covered at Historic Mankin Mansion in the summer of 09′, were expecting.  Natalie gave me the big news by way of a really kind compliment.  At the wedding I was 7 months pregnant and competing, in size, with the big brick house in the background.  Natalie told me that she had all the more respect for me for running around and shooting in the heat now that she was toting around a baby belly of her own.  Which made me feel so happy for them and a little like Super Mom, all at the same time.  In July, just a few weeks after celebrating their first wedding anniversary, we received news that Natalie and Dave were the proud parents of a sweet baby girl.

We took the opportunity to get together close to Dahlia’s five month mark when the family came to visit her parents in Richmond for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Because I usually shoot for families in their own homes, I wasn’t sure what to expect but Natalie’s childhood home was cozy and familiar to everyone and made a great backdrop.

I love photographing babies with their own things so Dahlia’s parents brought all her favorite comforts from home including handmade blankets and her favorite toy, Sophie the giraffe.  For those uninitiated into the Sophie phenomenon, its an organic, rubber giraffe teether from France that has become one of the most gifted and beloved baby teethers worldwide.  I tried chewing Fiver’s Sophie once  just to see if there were gum numbing agents or crack cocaine in there somehow but I’ve yet to find an explanation for the magic.  Ladies love Cool James and Babies love Sophies, that’s just the way it is.




Dahlia’s disposition is so sweet, she is like an old soul: she looks you right in the eye and gives knowing smiles.  While her personality shines through these pics, its the adoration of her parents that I find the most special.  Just look at how they love on her.  I can only imagine how much these photos will mean to Dahlia herself one day…




Dahlia insisted on skipping her morning nap lest she miss out on any fun but she couldn’t resist falling asleep in her daddy’s arms.


After a quick nap that gave the adults some time to catch up and swap parenthood stories, we took a walk over to the neighborhood lake.  It was getting chilly fast so we didn’t stay out long but its good to venture out for a little fresh air.





Mom and Dad chose The Talking Heads’ Stay Up Late for their slideshow, how very appropriate!   And here’s the gallery too.  I can’t wait to meet up again as this sweet girl grows!







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