Welcome Baby Milo


Time is flying because I just realized that Baby Milo was born a month ago today, prompting me to get my act together and share photos from Day #1 like I promised I would.  It was a stealthy 10 minute visit to the hospital the afternoon of his birth, just enough time to congratulate our dear friends, oogle over Milo’s preciousness and duck out as Grandma Sue arrived.  Predictably I did more oogling than Sam but we both had to agree that Milo was one gorgeous kid.  Olivia looked nothing short of amazing, the woman makes a hospital gown look good.  And you can just see Lincoln’s pride.  They say its good to have a doctor and a lawyer in the family but I say its good to have a photographer too.  Congrats once again to Olivia and Lincoln and a very warm welcome to Milo Arthur!







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