Natalie and Dave’s Museum Art Book: The Soho

We’re really excited about our Museum Art Books and with 20 different varieties to choose from (gad zooks) we better get as many examples up here as we can!

Natalie and Dave chose the Soho because of its hardbound photo cover, linen book binding and matching linen slipcase for storage.  They choose grey linen fabric for the binding, both classic and modern.





The couple chose linen art paper for printing and binding, my personal favorite.  Look into the petals in the flower girl’s basket as well as Natalie’s face and you can see the delicate texture of the paper through the images…



At a handsome size of 13×10 and an equally impressive 100 pages, this book has plenty of room for large, splashy photos and panoramas without ever sacrificing the number of photos for inclusion.  In many ways, its the best of all worlds.  Its got the room of a book with the formality of an album.




Here’s the entire layout if you want to check it out.  Congrats to Natalie and Dave on such a beautiful wedding last summer and also on the birth of their daughter Dahlia whom I can’t wait to meet very soon!


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