Beautiful Olivia


You might guess that its easier to take pictures of family members than clients, at least that’s what I would have guessed, but Sam and I talk often about how its the opposite for us.  We wish we knew why.  Is it knowing too much about someone?  Wanting to say too much about someone?  Are we relying less on instinct with someone we know?  Are we afraid of showing them how we see them?  All of thee above, maybe, but mostly I just can’t maintain a professional self with my family and friends, I become a fit of giggles holding a camera.  But I wanted so badly to take photos of Olivia, good photos, something for her husband and son to remember this time by.  So I asked if I could try.

Olivia’s husband Lincoln has been Sam’s brother since they were nine, blood is a mere technicality.  Lincoln lived with Sam’s family through high school and just about every story Sam tells begins with, “My buddy Lincoln and I….”  When I was first dating Sam, Lincoln was the person in his life that I was the most nervous about meeting for the first time.  So if that gives you any idea how important these folk are in our life, well, you know how difficult this shoot should have been for me because Olivia has become my sister too.

But it wasn’t really that hard.  For one thing, Olivia is gorgeous so that was easy.  And I didn’t have to direct too much, I just kind of watched her be.  We both laughed a lot because it was a little awkward and strange, to play model and photographer for an hour like little girls role playing.  But I’m really glad we did it and I was happy with what I got.

When you pull up to Lincoln and Olivia’s place the driveway winds your car around the cottage like a hug as the sun dances through the trees. Its one of those places that has good energy though I’ll never know if its because it was always there or because Lincoln and Olivia put it there.  I’m slightly obsessed with the shed out back and the barrel rings that hang on the side, rough with rust but round like a baby bump.  The garden was feeling a little too cliche but I liked the tomato shots anyway.  The daisy shots were my favorite though because they were the most Olivia to me.






I worked on this edit yesterday while Olivia labored with Milo Arthur, who joined our world at 11:57 weighing 7 lbs, 11oz.  I’m so tempted to share photos we took at the hospital yesterday but I think they should be the first to post pictures when they can.  So stay tuned for those, we’re just so thrilled to have Baby Milo here.  Something tells me that an adult Fiver will start a lot of stories with, “My buddy Milo and I….”








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