Camille is Three!


Whoa.  My very first “First Year Documentary” baby isn’t a baby anymore… not even close!  She has grown into a beautiful, bounding, curly haired girl.  I can still see the baby face but she’s just so…. growing up!  As Dick and Jane would say, LOOK:



We thought it would be fun to go to the Richmond Zoo to begin our shoot so I met Tricia, Camille and Dorothy the doll there.  I can admit that, growing up in the DC area near the National Zoo, I was expecting our local zoo to be kind of lame: a goat tethered to a rope or something.  Maybe some geese.  But I was actually impressed, our zoo is pretty cool!  I’ve never fed giraffes before and let me tell ya, Gene Simmons has nothing on these guys:



Its been the summer of the peacock.  I lived in India for almost a year and not one peacock sighting.  And then, within one week here here in Virginia, I’ve had two close encounters of the flamboyant bird kind between Logan and Joey’s wedding and this puffed up male who was just cruising around for… chicks?  As I turned my lens he came right at me for his close up… and I wondered for a moment if peacocks were attack birds.  I was assured he was just flirting but Camille wasn’t so sure about the peacocks either.



Or the budgies.  We had a budgie stick with honey and birdseed so we were expecting small visitors with busy beaks but its still a little strange.


Hmm… so far this post seems to suggest that we took a little girl to the zoo to torture her with a succession of traumatic, wild animal advances but I promise you that Camille really did have a good time.   The skyride over the park was definitely a big hit.




After the zoo we went home so Camille could show me her “big girl room”.  Her new room has many of the elements of the original nursery but with a new piece de resistance: a great big bed in the middle that is so much fun to jump on…




Something about life imitating art?  I did nothing to coax this photo and it makes me laugh, especially with that plastic broom: Camille is clearly the master of her little girl domestic domain.  I’ve known Tricia and Patrick a long time now so I felt like I could be my true inappropriate self and joked that we should put a beach ball up her dress so she could be barefoot, pregnant and sweeping her kitchen while feeding her children.   Using our better judgement, we refrained.


Camille did have some motherly advice for me anyway.  She told me that if a baby is crying, you should burp it to make it stop and then she showed me how.  Thanks, girl, I need all the help I can get!


I’m feeling multiple photo displays when it comes to this session.  Maybe its because Camille moves so fast, single photos just aren’t summing her up for me.


We even had a chance to update the family picture.  After I left, Tricia told me that Camille asked when I was coming back.  Soon, I hope!  An announcement was made since our shoot that another family member is on the way.  Woot!  Camille is going to be the greatest big sis….




Here’s a slideshow and click here to see the online gallery, I’m so excited about the big news!  And a great, big Happy Father’s Day to Patrick and all our WP superstar dads!




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