The Perfect End to a Great Weekend

Sometimes, you gotta eat dessert first.

So I’ll share a few photos from our perfect day off before catching everyone up on this weekend’s events.  So many of you ask about Madison (aka Fiver) regularly and somehow I have resisted the temptation to bombard you with baby pictures.  But yesterday the lil’ man turned 9 months old so I’m feeling like its appropriate if not overdue to share just how much he has grown.   Nothing professional, just a few snaps with our waterproof point-and-shoot that we don’t play with nearly enough.   This was Fiver’s first real pool experience and our small fry is destined to become a big fish!




It was a busy weekend between a beautiful bridal portrait, a fun rehearsal dinner and two absolutely fantastic weddings.  We’ve got lots of good stuff to share so stay tuned…

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