Baby Roscoe Turns One


Baby Roscoe is a V.I.B (very important baby) to me.  Exactly one year and one day ago I photographed what remains the single most powerful event I have ever had the professional pleasure of documenting: Roscoe’s amazing birth (to revisit it with me, click here).  It was an important day for me personally as well as professionally: I was six months pregnant at the time and I still play Midlake’s Roscoe when I need to muster just a little extra positive and/or creative energy in my day.

My mother always says, “12 faces for 12 months” to explain the drastic changes in a baby’s features over the course of their first year.  I don’t see the newborn in my own son’s most recent face but I immediately saw the tiny baby from the birth and newborn session in this older version of Baby Roscoe, its kind of amazing to me.  The first thing we did was to take photos around the nursery, I especially love this updated family photo.  (Relax, Chloe pup… really, don’t be so uptight…)


Next we packed up the car with the stroller for a trip to the The Mall in downtown DC to spend the afternoon.  I loved watching Roscoe explore and play with the monuments in the background.


We stopped for a quick snack, how darling is this little apple eater?  These photos are 100% boy baby to me between the overalls and all the dirt beneath his busy little fingernails.



Hey, I heard this is how the pioneers used to brush their teeth:


Throughout the day Jacqueline, Andy and myself reminisced about births and the experience of this first year… the birth of parents… the trials and triumphs of this brand new life.  We wondered if it was possible to brace for the impact of parenthood and decided that its just one of those things you have to go through.  We talked about how it is harder than we thought it would be and yet more rewarding and amazing than we could have dreamed.  I remember a kind girl once telling me that there would be a lot of conflicting emotions in parenthood: that it is possible (and maybe even normal) to feel both elated and exhausted, grateful and inconvenienced, confident and terrified.  Spot on.  Jacqueline suggested Frou Frou’s Let Go for their slideshow song because the words sum up the first year for her but she wasn’t sure anyone would get it.  Girl, I get it.  There is beauty in the breakdown.

Click here to see his online gallery.  Happy Birthday, beautiful Baby Roscoe….  I can’t wait to photograph more birthdays.












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