Jasper’s baby sister is coming soon!


Most of the time I am grateful that photos don’t include audio (motherhood, apparently, is no cure for potty mouth) but it would have been a pretty cool feature for this shoot.  At a mere 15 months old, Jasper had me very impressed by her vocabulary and knowledge of numbers and letters.  Joy assured me that they haven’t been using any index cards (we both roll our eyes at the “My Baby Can Read!” commercials) but its obvious that Jasper is big into story time with her parents.  She has little foam letters and numbers that she loves to play with and she can pick out just about any letter you request to see.






Jasper’s baby sister is on her way any moment now, I am always peeking at email to check for good news.  A beautiful mural was painted on the wall of the nursery-to-be by a family member, I love how both the Moses basket and rocking chair lay empty in wait.  Can you find the bunny on the wall?  Jasper can, she’ll show you if you ask.  Predictably, I loved the tiny, knit bunny booties too.




Poor Jasper doesn’t really know what’s coming.   Joy and Reggie have tried to explain the concept using a doll baby that Jasper can wheel around in a dolly stroller.  But to be fair, I hear that its just as hard for mommies and daddies to imagine another child too, how is it even possibly to love someone as much as you love your first born?   While it might take a little while for Jasper to really appreciate it, she will someday know how lucky she is to have a sister.  Sisters are the best.  Brothers are OK too, they are just smellier.  Or so I have been told.



While taking a snack break from picture taking, Jasper was coloring in her high chair and I witnessed the following exchange.  It made my heart swell up… could it be that they teach us?

(Joy draws a heart on the paper with a crayon)  “What is this?”

Jasper says, “HAPPY!”

“No, that’s this.”  (Joy draws a smiley face)  “What’s this?” (Joy points to the heart)


Indeed, girlfriend.  Mine too.








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