Anna and Lauren at Ginter


Its been almost a year since I saw Anna and Lauren last, I’m not sure either even qualifies as a “baby” anymore they are such little girls!

Fiver and I met a 5 year old girl at the playground last week who slumped in the swing next to me, twisting and drawing a circle in the sand with her toe.  She asked me about the baby in my “bag” (sling) and said she had a baby too but she was only 5 days old.  I asked her about “her” baby and she was clearly less than thrilled to talk about her baby sister.  I told her to hang in there, she can’t do much right now but someday you’ll be best friends just like my sister and I.

I’ve been taking pictures of A&L since Lauren was 10 weeks old and its been fun to see their sister dynamic over time.  It wasn’t until this session that I could see the budding of buddies.  Of course there’s a lot of eye rolling, hair pulling and “stop touching me!” to come as it is with all sisters but right now, Anna will grab Lauren’s hand and off they go…

Portraits are usually taken of faces but I was very drawn to scenic shots of the girls who looked like twins running through the wonderland that is Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  Especially in b/w where the effect was surreal:




Here’s a slideshow of this fun, tulip sniffing session and Happy Mother’s Day to Chrystal and all my awesome mommas!








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