Baby Caroline is Walking!


OK, I know its not exactly news… This shoot was from back in November but I am almost done updating our blog from my maternity hiatus (I promise).  And I better hurry up, I am excited to be shooting Baby Caroline again in a few short weeks and spring season has officially sprung!

Shooting for Caroline has always been a treat because she was born on my own birthday, we’ve got a special kinship.  And since my son was born just a year and a day after her, she is like a little preview of what we have in store a year from now.  As I watched her walk around exploring everything around her: picking up leaves, touching berries on bushes, and blowing the seeds off dandelions to make a wish I was in awe of how fast a tiny baby grows into a beautiful, curious little person.  She was trying out some new words too so I can’t wait to chat with her at our next session.

While we hadn’t set out to make Christmas card portraits, some opportunities presented themselves between a special velvet dress, holly berries coming into season and some magical light.  Its like she is exploring a minature Christmas tree in this small piece of evergreen.






We took full advantage of the fall atmosphere for a few pumpkin shots of the little pumpkin.  Its nice to tie the season to a baby’s growth and I enjoyed rolling around in the leaves a little and shooting up.




Here’s a slideshow of the session and if you would like to see the online gallery click here.  I can’t wait to see the whole family again soon!





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