Baby Maya at 3 months


Wasn’t it just yesterday that Maya was an itty-bitty two week old?  Time flies in the blink of a parent’s eye.

The big milestone for this shoot was Maya’s smile.  She made me work for it but when she chose to flash that gummy grin, the whole room lit up.


The night before the shoot Maya received a special gift.  A group of us gals get together to knit and shoot the breeze on a quasi regular basis and each time a baby is born within our circle, we each knit a square or two in coordinating colors and put them together to make a blanket for the momma and babe.  We always unveil the blanket at a get together where we can welcome the baby, eat yummy treats and oogle over our handiwork.  It turned out so nice and was a must to photograph.


I loved this photo so much that I couldn’t help but email it to Liz when I found it, its so cheery.  Liz worried a little about what family and friends would say about putting her daughter in blue but there’s no color better suited to bring out those sweet blue eyes.  Blue belongs to the sky, not to boys, and the sky is willing to share… that’s what I say.


When I sent Liz the slideshow from this session she wrote back that she was so madly in love with the two week session and loved these photos even more.  Its to believe that the connection with our children becomes stronger with every passing day, its so strong from the get go, how can something so big manage to grow?  Somehow it does, its one of the great mysteries.

Here’s the slideshow from the session and if you would like to visit the online gallery, click here.  I can’t wait for the next shoot.  How much do you wanna bet that Liz will love the next set of photos even more than these?










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