Baby Brayden is walking!


Actually, he’s been walking for awhile… pretty much since his first birthday.  We postponed his walking shoot until I was back from maternity leave and then every time we tried to reschedule the skies would open up and it would rain.  This happened 3 times before we were finally about to get the weather to cooperate with all our busy schedules.

To call Baby Brayden a baby, while technically accurate, is a little misleading because he’s grown into Little Boy Brayden.  He moves fast and he is busy-busy-busy!

Since I started shooting Brayden at 2 weeks we have always sat him in a chair in his room for photos.  Not such an easy photo to take this time around: wild man didn’t want a shirt and certainly didn’t want to sit!  I can admit that my first reaction was panic: we have to get this shot, we always get this shot.  And while I did get a shot of him sitting in that chair and others, as I worked through the edit I realized that I was looking for the wrong shot: this is a little boy we’re talking about here.  He shouldn’t be sitting still in a chair, looking up at a camera angelically, he should be running around digging in the dirt!  And clothing should be optional.  Here’s the way the sequence was meant to be all along, ending in the action shot of Brayden springing out of his chair and running from us:


While Brayden is a professional biped on even ground, he’s still getting the hang of keeping his balance on hills.  While playing in the backyard he went from standing tall one moment to a face plant the next:


I love these photos of Amy and Jeff walking with him up the hill.  I love their hands holding on and then slowly, cautiously letting go and ready to catch him if he falls.  Its so symbolic.  Its exactly what this parenthood thing is all about.



This photo is also near and dear to my heart.  Its not so much the tricycle, its all the books and toys in the corner and all over the chair in the background.  I think that every pregnant couple swears up and down that their house is never going to look like so and so’s house with toys everywhere, no siree, not our perfect house.  But what can I say?  Kids change everything including the concept of our house, and definitely the concept of a living room.  Hopefully Amy and Jeff don’t mind me sharing this photo because its most certainly not a criticism, as my friend Jenn likes to say, it looks like a circus threw up in our living room.  We swore up and down that it wouldn’t but nowadays we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Its just life as it really is.  Its how we’re living.


I’m pretty sure than any and all family photo albums since 1940 include versions of the following photos, they are so universal and timeless.  You can give a kid all the brightly colored, electronic toys in the world and what do they really want to do?  Dismantle your kitchen cabinets and bang on pots and pans.  Sometimes you just have to give ’em what they want:



Its been amazing to follow Baby Brayden through his first year and beyond, especially while anticipating and receiving a little boy ourselves.  Here’s a slideshow from this final baby shoot and if you would like to visit the online gallery click here.







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