Roscoe’s Nursery on Spearmint Baby


While shooting Roscoe’s newborn portraits last May, Jacqueline told me how much Sam and I were going to enjoy the process of preparing Fiver’s nursery.  She explained that she and Andy would spend time on Roscoe’s room as a way to connect with him before the birth, that it was a creative outlet for loving someone you couldn’t see or touch or hold yet.   Sure enough, our anticipation exploded into a flurry of paint, sculpture, and furniture last summer and I still love photographing the details of a baby’s nursery because I am reminded of the excitement behind every detail and decision.

I was excited to hear that some of the nursery photos from Roscoe’s 2 week session are featured today on Spearmint Baby, it remains one of my favorites to have photographed with its dreamy, muted colors and vintage wallpaper tree collage.  And of course, the famous knit bunny.  If you want to full scoop on the nursery, visit Jacqueline’s super fun blog, Marbles Rolling, and if you want to visit a great collection of creative nurseries for inspiration, definitely check out the featured nurseries on Spearmint Baby!

And yes (Carolyn), I will submit Fiver’s nursery one day.   If I can ever get all the toys picked up!

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