Jennifer and Chris’ Engagement Portraits


This post dates back to the fall season when I was back to shooting but still out on maternity leave from the office (and therefore blogging).  Jennifer and Chris cruised with us through our familiar neighborhood of Church Hill for a few shots before we headed out for our adventure destination, the Pipe Line, where we got a unique industrial view of the city from the banks of the James.

While most couples with height differences request pictures that de-emphasize the distance, Jennifer and Chris requested shots that celebrated it… its part of who they are together.  I think we all had some fun with that:





The warm, last light out on the river gave these shots an antique glow: we didn’t use any filters or post production trickery to create this color, it was all Mother Nature:



We’re looking forward to shooting for Jenn at beautiful Tuckahoe Plantation this May.  With the snow melting at a fast pace, I’m choosing to believe that spring is right around the corner!  Congrats you guys…






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