Introducing Baby Hadley at 4 months


Shooting for Baby Hadley was especially meaningful for me since Hadley was born just a week after our son.  It was awesome to document a baby the same age as our little guy at home and  I couldn’t help but see Sam, Fiver, Arbus and myself in the interactions of Brian, Hadley, Nala and Louise.  As similar as Hadley and Fiver are in some ways, they each have their own distinct personalities, even at the ripe young age of four months: something I hadn’t really realized or appreciated.

Don’t let her seemingly small size fool you, Hadley is crazy tall like her dad and performing all kinds of physical feats… she’s rolling over, eating rice cereal with gusto, and full of smiles.  I loved watching Louise soothe her daughter with lullabies and watching Brian make Hadley laugh, reminding me that each parent really does have a unique roll in their baby’s life.




We always tell Arbus that she has a “three lick limit” when it comes to the baby but its awfully hard to enforce when Arbus hasn’t learned to count to three yet.  Like Arbus, Nala likes to lick her comparatively hairless sibling every chance she gets.  Babies might be funny looking pack members in the eyes of our furry kids but they get lots of love regardless.


The nursery is a fresh shade of lime with purple accents and sweet details.  Brian painted the purple panels over the changing table and, at Louise’s suggestion, wrote a dedication to his daughter on the back of a panel the day she was born.  The funny part was that he signed it, “Love, Brian” and had to cross out his name and write “Dad”… “Dad” hadn’t quite sunk in yet!  I think I’m still taking in the concept of “Mom” in myself…


You just have to love this little Wahoo bum:


Check out this slideshow from the session and you can visit their online gallery by clicking here.  Just don’t break my kid’s heart when you guys hit high school years from now, OK, Hadley?












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